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Tax Services

Please see a description of our tax services below.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Tax Planning – Advance planning is essential to reducing your year-end tax liability.  Many individuals and businesses neglect tax planning during the year only to be surprised by their income tax liability at the end of the year. At PDFCO, our primary objective is to minimize the overall tax burden for our clients.  We work closely with both individuals and businesses to design and implement tax saving strategies aimed at maximizing after-tax income.  By working with our clients throughout the entire year and making sure they understand the fiscal impact of their decisions, PDFCO can help eliminate those negative surprises on Tax Day.

Tax Preparation – Let the professionals at PDFCO save you time and money by preparing your personal or business federal and state income tax returns.  With over 40 years of tax preparation experience and an in-depth knowledge of the tax code, we ensure that our clients receive all deductions and credits to which they are entitled.  In addition, your returns will be cross-checked using the latest tax preparation software to minimize the risk of an audit.  Finally, your return can be filed electronically so that you will receive your refund one a more timely basis.